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Use of Patterns

Welcome to Free Cross Stitch Online. We encourage you to share these cross stitch patterns for free with others and you can even make some money from these patterns. Below are the terms of use of our patterns.


What you CANNOT do with these patterns.
- There is only one thing you cannot do with these patterns and that is to sell the patterns by themselves. We are offering the patterns for free for everyone to enjoy. They are copyright of Free Cross Stitch Online.

What you CAN do with these patterns.

- Please feel free to pass the patterns free to others, email them, share them on forums, pass them around in craft classes, offer them for free on your website, print and send to others, whatever so long as you do not take a payment from them and you do not claim the patterns as your own.

- If you would like to make money from these patterns there are two ways to do this. You can put the patterns together in kits with the fabric and the floss, and sell the kits on ebay, on your website, at crafts fairs etc. This includes commercial businesses. You just cannot claim the patterns as your own or alter it in anyway.

- Or, you can stitch an item and sell the completed works on ebay, websites, craft fairs etc.

Free Cross Stitch Online will not accept any liability for the sale of kits or completed items.

This is our general Cross Stitch Patterns website, we also have another website for all our Christian Cross Stitch Patterns it can be found here 


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